The Four Pillars of Health with Dr. Nadav Fields & Jonathan M. Fields

Dr. Nadav D. Fields / Co-Founder & Medical Director of CR8 Health
Jonathan M. Fields / Co-Founder of CR8 Health

Welcome to the shrimp tank water put it all together this is big things doing big things chase some big dreams Yeah, it’s all real. That’s life’s all that it seems. All the chicks scream, all the dudes yell, this is just what I do and I do it well. With the flow fresher than the new shoe smell. going through hell, But homie keep going, you know the same, you can reap what you sowing, so, so I don’t chase, girls, I just chase dreams, play the same game, but we ain’t in the same league, running the campaign, rolling 2016.

Good morning, everybody. Welcome back to the As Digital Studio where we film the tank down here in Boca Raton, Florida in collaboration with the FAU Adams Center for Entrepreneurship. If this is your first time tuning in, this is the podcast where we get to interview the best and brightest entrepreneurs from South Florida, find the do’s and don’ts of running a business of course. You get an MBA in college of course but again, you need some street smarts and learning from all these business owners that have grinded through their business to the top of course and we get to listen to so many different types of entrepreneurs every single week.

So, this week, we Greg Sugar, my co-host on the show. Greg, how’s everything going? Start things off. Last time you were in here, we were with TRX, right? And what happened? You know a lot about that backstory. He exited and now he I I know he’s in the news read that he bought it back. I don’t know if he had financial backing. If he had a private equity partner but yeah, I think he he bought it back based on a newsletter I read but I haven’t reached out to him or anything.

That’s a pretty cool story. Yeah. I mean, you saw, I don’t know what he sold his company for originally. I think it was doing 100 million in revenue. Well, let’s say just for sake, you know, he walked away million dollars, right? And all of a sudden, three, four years later, he comes back and buys back for seven to $10 million dollars and then if he scales again, he can sell it again for, you know, X amount which is just, it’s Good deal. Phenomenal. It’s not an uncommon story in the world of selling your business to private equity who screws it up. Do you have a lot of friends, Greg? That that I know you’re you’re part of a lot of entrepreneurship programs down in South Florida and across the United States. You see that commonly with some friends? Yeah, I mean, even even myself, it happened too on the company I exited. Um I ended up not it but I had a situation present itself very similarly but yes, it is not uncommon at all for people to exit their company, have the new owners botch it, and the old owners come in and and buy it up cheap and rebuild it. What are the common reasons why they bought you? Do you know? Sure. Um I know exactly what they are unfortunately.

Uh new owners know everything. They don’t need you anymore. They figured it all out before you even closed your business and the transition goes poorly and they don’t they don’t follow any strategies that used they try to a lot of times they try to not just rebrand but really sort of take away all the special sauce that made that company bigger and why they wanted to buy it in the first place.

So, it’s a little ironic that they wanted to buy something with special sauce. They buy it and then they toss a special sauce in the garbage.

But anyway, and I think the the founder themselves, the connections, the ties, how many customers or clients do business with them because of that individual at the end of the day. That’s a big a huge part. Yeah. And I think lots of times they turn their back on that that person saying, oh, we don’t need it and then the customers realize real quick, okay, we’re just another number, you know, on a spreadsheet and they don’t feel welcome, they they jump to another brand.

Anything we should know about what’s happening at FAU these days, Greg? Um boot camps, tech runway, I think tech runway just opened up a second group. I know they don’t do that often, right? Usually, it’s one group, 20 to 25 people. So. I’m part of that group. Okay. But now, I just saw their their welcoming new class because there’s so many mentors down here want to provide advice and there’s also so many businesses starting.

So, they figure, why not start a new chapter and I guess the ones that follow the first group, you know, sometimes it’s like twenty go down to twelve. So, it’s a good opportunity and another group mid year. Yeah and what would be great is Tech Runway needs more mentors that are current and have current experience not just people who have retired, sold their business.

So, if you’re an active business owner now, and you want to help some growing who are who have their own businesses. They’re not just thoughts in their brain but they’re actually real companies. Uh give Tech Runaway a call. Let them know you want to be a mentor and I’m sure we can we can set something up. It’s a great point. Absolutely. Well, let’s get into our episode today.

This is your first time tuning in. You catch it live. Ashram Tank Boca on Facebook and then of course, we do clips every week on our Instagram account. So, today, we got Jonathan Fields, Nadap Fields, and they are the founders of CR eight Health that recently opened up. They also have another location. So, this is not their first rodeo.

they also have, you know, a long medical background. I was looking at their bio. You know, it’s hard these days, you know, to overcome all the different exams that you have to take and all all the different, you know, struggles of going to one state than another state to to be a medical professional today and I know that a a lot of folks, you know, in their 20s are struggling because they’re like, is it, should I go to ten, 14 years to get to that path and you guys, of course, are young professionals that have done it and now turning the corner being entrepreneurs. So, Jonathan, let’s kick things off. Let’s talk about CR eight health.

What is it all about? Yeah, absolutely.

We are a anti-aging and wellness clinic where we’re doing hormones, peptides, physician assisted weight loss, acupuncture, functional medicine, laser hair removal, skin tightening, everything from Botox, fillers, to serious health problems when it comes to menopausal stuff, to pain, all that kind of stuff. Me and me and Greg are looking at each other. We’re going to be there for the next four months to go. Come on down. Let’s take care of Gary. We have menopausal problems. I I can tell you estrogen looks a little high.

what what are the most common things people start with I guess? So, it really depends. I mean, being that we offer so many different varieties, my brother’s actually an internal medicine doctor. Uh he spent over about 10 years working in hospitals. He also is board certified in obesity medicine. So, part of a big thing of what we do is medical weight loss.

Physician assisted. So, for people who have already tried everything and nothing seems to work for them. They’ve done the diets. They’ve done the exercise and nothing seems to work. Then, they come down. They get to work with an actual board-certified doctor, not some guy who took a weekend seminar and is selling you latest little fad. Some of it is medication assisted.

Some of it is we we give diets. We give that whole plan. And then on the other side I’m a doctor of acupuncture and Eastern medicine. So, I deal with a lot of and functional medicine. So, I deal with a lot of chronic health issues. Stuff from autoimmune issues, arthritis, pain in the joints. I deal with a lot of digestive issues and then we have a PA that works on all the the skin stuff, the anti-aging stuff.

You know, it’s a perfect fit for the Boca crowd. So, walk through, you know, Greg and I show up, you know, on our first visit. Are we taking a blood exam? Are we filling out surveys? Like, kind of walk us through the process. It is. It’s a good question. So, if you’re coming in for the first time and you’re not sure exactly what you’re there for, what you’ll do is you’ll sit down and have a consultation with one of the professionals and what set you down the consults are free.

We sit down for a few minutes and figure out what your goals are and and what you need and then, based on that, we’ll put you with the right person. It might be with Doctor Nadav or it might be with myself or it might be with the PA. There is some paperwork to do. Uh we do have depending on what it is you’re coming for and and some of the paper will ask you about the goals, medical history, background, all that kind of stuff and then we’ll lead you in the right direction.

Yes, we do do blood work in house. So, even if you just want like your regular old annual blood work and you don’t feel like going to the doctor and then getting sent somewhere else and then waiting for an hour and a little sticky lobby and then going back to the doctor to get it. You we can do all that in house.

We have a lobotomist and IV tech. So, we do the IV therapy as well and we do the draws in house. We get the results within a day or two. So, it’s a lot more convenient for some people than going to sit and you know, wait with 100 people that are coughing all over you. And and where are your locations? We are right off of Glades and Boca Dobrio.

So, it’s right. Glades and Turnpike in that plaza with the Greenwise and Home Goods and then we have another location down in Tamarack.

I have a lot of questions but I want them to finish. I mean, we’re not done talking about their business, are we? No, no, no, we’re diving. We’re in the beginning parts of it. So, let’s let’s let’s talk about the blood results for a second because so often, we get our annual physical. The doctors have a gazillion, you know, patients and they’re like, you’re in and you’re out, right? And you left, you’re left with trying to figure out on your own often.

They tell you, oh, go on the Mediterranean diet. That’s what my doctor tells me every single year, right? I always have a little bit. High cholesterol and high medication for it but I’m always on that edge and he’s like, you’re going to be. If you don’t start, you know, eating healthier and then, of course, I’m a father too, right? I don’t get enough I work too much as an entrepreneur. You know, a lot of people in their 30s and 40s are guilty of that, right? And and we try to be good but then, we’re always eating the chicken nuggets, you know, from McDonald’s from our children, right? So, you know, sometimes we know that that’s the thing but sometimes it’s more than that.

Sometimes, when you do go on a diet, right? You lose ten pounds but then you gain five back and it’s a continuous circle because all of our bodies are different, right? I know. If I touch bread or or pasta, I’m done, right? Five pounds later that night. Like, it’s that easy or alcohol, right? It just doesn’t do well with me or over time if I drink for a few days. So, I guess, you know, how do our body types really, you know, you know, matter, you know, when you take that blood test and then, kind of speak about hormone therapy because I I have had some past speak about that in depth and almost it starts there.

It sounds like because you know, someone just might, you know, need that that that therapy to kick things off the correct direction. They’re doing everything else right and just nothing else happening, I guess. Correct. Uh I’ll have Nadav start that off and then I’ll finish it up but he’s the hormone therapy specialist and the medical weight loss guy and I’ll give you my take on the blood work after he’s done.

Yeah. Okay.

Well, yeah, that’s those are complex questions. Um but you know, one size does not fit all, right? Um everyone is different. Every individual has a different level of what you could say in our world, metabolic flexibility. Um you know, people process just in terms of their metabolism is different. Everyone has a different microbiome which is huge in in the weight loss world at this time.

Um everyone has a different genetic makeup. Um and everyone, you know, everyone’s lifestyle is different. You as an entrepreneur, you’re under different stressors and because of those external forces and also your lifestyle, it may be different than somebody for example that you know, shows up to the bank from nine to 5, 8 to 5 every day. So, you have to take an account a lot of different things when in a good diet and a lifestyle Um number two, I I really don’t like calling them diets.

It’s more lifestyle. Um you have to make meaningful lifestyle changes. Um but if someone comes in and they want to shed, I would say the average weight loss our clients or patients are looking to shed is about twenty twenty-five to thirty-five pounds. Um we do put them on a diet. Uh typically it’s calorie restrictive diet we could talk more about that later if you’d like.

Um but after they achieved those results, then, we say, we recalculate their metabolic demands, their total daily energy expenditure, and then we put them on a lifestyle of of this is your sustainable lifestyle to keep the weight that you’re at after you’ve reached your goal. Um and then when you start talking about, you know, some intermittent fasting. I do intermittent fasting every day.

That was never a breakfast person and I will never be a breakfast person. Some people love breakfast. I’m the opposite. Yeah. So, intermittent fasting is great for some individuals that can skip breakfast and it is really good with a lot of the the the medication that’s one of the hot medications on the market, some of glutide sold under the brain in Wagovi.

Um that meant that diet with that medication and pre diabetics and people that are on the cuff of having metabolic syndrome is a great diet to help facilitate and increase insulin sensitivity but you know, you can recommend that diet to a lot of people but some lifestyles just they don’t they don’t vibe well with that diet. So, you know, you hear a lot about ketogenic diets, you hear a lot about you know, just very low-calorie diets.

Uh the HCG programs which I don’t particularly like. Um every person, you have to really take a long time to sit down with them, get into their head, see what the triggers are, what their past experiences are to recommend a diet that’s condu for them to losing weight. So, it’s it’s it’s a process that you first sit down with them, you go into, like I said, you you discuss their their history, their lifestyle, the people around them, you know, a lot of times their their spouses are contributing to this I agree because we have so many people we work with and. Correct. And then family and everyone says their way is the right way. Yeah. Right? And and I’ve seen this before where I’m at a breakfast person. Correct. And some people you gotta eat breakfast. You gotta eat breakfast. I’m like No, yeah. I saw it on Keto Expo. I saw it on this TV show and they told me I gotta do this and it’s like, hmm.

Yeah. Yeah. I have a question about the medication. Um my my mother years ago was part of that fenfeng generation. You know what I’m talking about? Right. That that medicine that got recalled and it was about. I haven’t heard of like FDA approved medicine that helps weight loss. Not that I read newsletters on this but. Yeah. I’d like to. Um is there something now that’s sort of like the new fenfen or something that’s more of a stimulant or what’s suppressant.

Appetite suppressant. Yeah, I mean, there are. There’s there’s a handful of actually FDA approved weight-loss medications. Um Fenfen was old. Uh you know, it caused cardiac issues. It was taken off the market. Um the most commonly prescribed FDA approved medication is Fentermine. Mm hmm. Um it’s approved for 3 months, FDA approved but a lot of weight loss physicians and people in the industry do use it off label for longer than three months.

Fentermine is great. It’s an oral tablet taken once or twice daily. It’s got great appetite suppressant effects. There are some contraindications to that like all medications. Um but yeah there’s Contrave also. Uh it’s a combination of two different molecules. Um and then the the hottest new medication on the market is semiglutide. Uh you may see a lot of commercials for it. Uh it’s under the brain name Govi in two thousand and 17.

It was FDA approved. It’s been used as a diabetes, type 2 diabetes medication. Uh so since two thousand and17, patients with type 2 diabetes have been taking ozemic, that’s the brain name for the semeglutide for diabetes but they were seeing substantial weight loss with patients taking ozemic for diabetes. So, then it went into clinical trials by the drug manufacturer and in twothousand So, last year, the medication was FDA approved under the brand name, Wagovi for the treatment of medical wage loss.

Very effective. For for obesity for those people that meet criteria which is with a BMI of 27 over 27 with some comorbidities or for those with a BMI over thirty. So, this is the hottest new medication on the market right now for medical weight loss. Uh semi glutide, Wagovi, and it was FDA last year I want to hop back if we can for a second for the blood work.

Uh what we brought up because that’s actually one of the reasons we do what we do and why we started working independently. One of the reasons he’s been trying to go in a private practice and get out of hospitals because nobody likes being treated like that. When you go to the doctor, you might wait a month or two to get an appointment or if it’s a specialist, maybe it’s two to three months and you sit there, you wait for an hour and a half and then you’re in and out in two minutes and you have no idea what’s going on.

So, one of the things we do is we make sure to spend more time with the patients, make sure people comfortable. Make sure they all their questions are heard and understood. Uh when I work with people on the functional medicine side, that’s specifically what we specialize in is taking a blood work, looking at the blood work, and we look for patterns in the blood work.

Sometimes, the doctor, you know, you go in, you have a list of complaints. Your blood works fine. See you in another year and it’s like, I don’t feel fine. I feel terrible, right? So, what we do is we go through and we look to see if there’s any patterns, if there’s anythings that are borderline because generally, the doctors look in for anything that red flags They’re looking for emergencies.

Like, do I need to send you to the hospital? Do I need to put you on some drugs? And and even sometimes you are on medications but you still don’t feel good. So, we work specifically like with that and we get people to write sometimes vitamins, nutrients, diet, lifestyle, advice to help them and and to help them understand the blood work. So, if somebody has inconsistencies in their blood work, usually after dealing with them like, we’ll put together a report saying, this part of the blood work means this.

This means this and if you have any more questions, we’ll go over that and follow a visit rather than like, oh to see you. Here’s your script out the door, right? Cuz that is one of the biggest frustrations and that’s one of the biggest problems in our medical system and that’s looking what that’s kind of what we’re looking to to change. I I completely agree because often we’ve been there as parents with young children and I know my kids are a little older today but I’m there when I my second was born.

I just was like, I am always tired, right? They’re always waking. I mean, of course, they’re waking up throughout the middle of the night. You’re working long hours. It’s a stressful environment. You fight more with your spous of course during those times, as you’re all on, you’re always on edge. Right. And you’re eating like **** of course, more commonly. You got a little children’s birthday parties and you go to the doctor like your blood work looks great and you’re like, no, there’s something.

I’m like, send me to a specialist. You know, something’s off. Uh but thankfully, you know. Yeah. It’s a short period of your life when that when that is going on when the kids are not sleeping but I completely agree. Sometimes, you want more information as a customer client to go in and say, hey, you know, I feel like I’m different than the next person over.

Like, why am I being treated the same, right? Uh we’re all we all Zoom foods differently and have different effects. Uh same thing from stuff like even like coffee with caffeine and energy drinks for example. So, let’s jump into the business for a second, okay? Absolutely. So, there’s a lot of people in the medical field that want to know how did you pull this off, right? So many people want to be entrepreneurs today.

They want more control. They want more passion behind, you know, what they do, waking up every single day. Um and a lot of big hospitals, you know, run by, you know, big fortune 500 companies today and it’s so political and people are getting frustrated with it and they want to do what you’ve done. So, let’s start with like, how did you pull off? Like that that first office.

You know, where did you do your research? Uh approximately how much did it cost? How did you hire people? Kinda go through the nuts and bolts of it. So, the the first place is a lot different than this place we just opened. The first place, I started off very slowly. I actually started off at a school actually working in a closet and a physical therapy facility that my mother’s been out for 20 years.

Uh built up some business there. They gave me literally a closet. I cleaned out a storage closet. Started seeing patients there and you’re talking about a place the carpet is run down, the chairs got tape holding them together is mostly for seniors so they didn’t really care. Uh once I got enough business there, I went in with a friend of mine who has a vitamin store, right? So, there’s some synergist synergy there between the holistic stuff that we do and and what they did and he gave me a space and and once again, this was in a place where they had a vitamin store in the front and then they had a trophy store in the middle where they’re actually cutting and making trophies and I had a room in the back and you know, the bathroom looked like a a gas station and there was water coming in from under the wall from the pizza place next door and then when I had built the clientele enough and the business enough, then, we got a nice, new facility.

Uh it wasn’t too bad. Uh that is in Tamarack. So, it’s not like a high-end area like like Boca place. So, and I had split it with another person. We basically co rent the space. So, we’re both on the lease. It might have cost maybe thirty, 40 K to open up and and get started when we’re there.

slowly, slowly, and and I kind of built everything from word of mouth. I grew up and lived in the community. So, we did a lot of social. Most of my marketing was actually from my personal social, not from our our pages that we were talking about earlier. Don’t aren’t aren’t getting the kind of traffic that people really think that they do, right? Cuz the algorithms being hid from everybody. So, that took time and that kind of developed and it’s still growing. Um after a year or two, I got my first employee. I think we have five five or six people over there right now.

And then this new place was Nadav’s baby and brainstorm child. So why don’t you give him a little information about how we got the new place open. Yeah so I’ve been working in the hospital for about 10 years. Uh doing my hospitalist internal which which hospital? So I work at multiple hospitals. I work for the Broward Health System. So I sometimes work at Coral Springs Medical Center, Uh Broward Health Imperial Point.

I work at Holy Cross Health in Fort Lauderdale. And then I’m also part of the Memorial Healthcare System. So I work at the larger, the main model. And he does telehealth. Yeah. Memorial. And owns a clinic. Memorial Regional in Hollywood and then I work at the ones in Pembroke Pines as well. Um so, yeah, I’ve been working there for quite some time. I would prior to moving back to South Florida 2 years ago.

I was living in Nashville for five years working for the flagship hospital for HCA Centennial Medical Center. Uh but I’ve always had this vision of opening up my own clinic And the hospital system really beats you down. It’s our healthcare system and what you see in the hospital is is is pretty mind blowing. Um it’s basically a revolving door. Um you know, there’s a saying in in health care, 15% of the people take up 85% of the resources.

Um so, between healthcare, you know, the health care disparities, social inequities, non compliance, you see a lot of the same people and they’re consuming a lot of the resources. I, myself, always had a passion for preventative health and that was kind of what, you know, brought me to open this clinic and and that’s my passion and and that translates with with hormone optimization and obesity medicine. Um if you look at the stats, you know, 70% of Americans are either or combined obese or overweight based on their BMI.

How much does that contribute to the comorbidities that we see, cardiovascular disease, strokes, diabetes, you know, people on dialysis which is a huge burden on the health care system. I I think you want a little more the the business. Yeah, yeah. How do we get into that opening? That’s profound. So, that kind of catapulted me into into opening the business.

Now, opening the business, you know, my wife, I was we’ve been together for a couple of years. The last year, it it it’s been really really stressful. I can’t tell you. People think, you know, they they see how lucrative it may seem opening up med spas and you know, Concierge Clinic. It’s a lot of, it’s, it’s a thousands of hours and a lot of mistakes I’ve made.

Uh, it’s a steep learning curve. Um, I just kind of, you know, I, I, I spoke to, one of my friends was an entrepreneur in, in LA, he’s in the hospitality business. He, he gave me great advice. He said, speak to as many people as you can. And I literally would just, you know, how many marketing companies we we. A lot. We must have gone through 20 different marketing companies.

PR companies, marketing companies, business owners. I would just reach out and some of them probably didn’t me because I would take up an hour plus of their time, You know, just they’re used to it. That’s their job. Yeah, asking them so many questions but you know, I learned a lot along the way and yeah, I, you know, just drove around Boca because it was either Fort Lauderdale or Boca.

I chose Boca. Um and I just drove around with one of my friends and looked for signs that said four lease, found a great place. Uh we’re we’re currently positioned and called them. Uh put in an offer on the lease and I went from there and then and then was a big goal. It’s a process, right? The building out the place, finding an architect, you know, funding the place.

You asked how much it it generally costs to open up a clinic like that. I would say minimum four00 K and that’s you know, I pulled a lot of favors from my friend, my friend Mark. He owns Promark. Uh he’s a GC. Um he helped me out. Uh. We had to build it from scratch. It was an empty bay. Yeah, it was a shell. There was nothing in there.

There was no power. There was no plumbing. Um and then with all the next with COVID. Uh you know everyone supply chain. Covid as an as an issue.

It’s tough. And the hardest thing is employees. So like how many people are working at the location currently? Uh we had a lot of professionals. Not even employees. Yeah. So we we we have about five or six employees as well. Um but yeah right now you would think right when COVID started everyone’s hungry for work. Uh it’s it’s hard to find people. I would you know you set up accounts and indeed 80% of the people don’t show up for interview.

Yeah they’ll make an interview they’ll do a phone interview and then they don’t show up. Yeah, so. That’s amazing. It’s crazy. Fine. Yeah and and you know, as doctors, our salaries have not gone up since COVID hit but everyone else, it seems like is getting paid more. So, the cost of supplies, the cost of retaining quality employees has tremendous went up tremendously while you know, you can’t just everyone’s pricing as well hasn’t jumped like that because it’s hard to, you know, say, hey, you get the service for this much.

Sorry, we’re you, you know.

premium. So. So, let me ask this question. So, my background, I was a lawyer for for about eight years and I always work for law firms and I I was more entrepreneurial. I always thought about going on my own. Lawyers, it’s really hard because when you work for the law firm, the relationship with the client is very much the law firm. Right. So, it’s hard to open up your own firm and sort of take clients with you.

It sounds like at least with you like you had patients that you met and through the hospital, I don’t know. Um you know, what if you really create a true patient relationship. So, my guess is, you open this new facility up and you have no, you had no patience. So, you’re completely guessing here, a four-hundred-thousand-dollar guess, right? And so, you open up your first day and you just like stare at the door and hope someone walks through.

How do you get your very first patients? Cuz I think that’s, if I’m guessing and there’s professionals listening right now, that’s the question is, how do I get my first patient? How do I end up getting the 10th and 20th patient? Cuz right now, you’re a machine probably and you’re getting a lot of people through the front door through a variety of marketing means but that first couple patients has got to be the biggest challenge.

So, how’d you do that? Or am I describing it right? I mean, how does this, how does this take place? No, it’s it’s a fair question and that is the the scary part and I think for him, like he was saying, he was a little more probably his first entrepreneurial venture into like having a retail location and when you have a retail location, yeah, you don’t want to stand out there just twiddling your thumbs waiting for people to come in.

Cuz you are in the retail business. Your two doctors in the retail business. In a retail paying retail rent. That’s right. We’re not in a in a medical building or something. So, it’s I mean, we had a PR company that we worked with for a few months. We went through a few different marketing companies. We were doing Emails. We were doing social on our personal socials, on our other business socials.

I sent out an Email blast to my Email list. We have friends that have businesses in the areas. So, some of our friends were gracious enough to send out Emails to their lists. Um I’m referring people over from the other practice, right? It is or a lot of my patients maybe were driving down from Lake Worth or Boynton or or Boca to come all the way down there.

Now, it’s just more convenient for them to be there. So, that helps. So, that we know people in the area and grew up in the area. A lot of our friends are in Parkland, right? So, that’s only ten, 15 minutes from West Boca where we’re at. So, all that is part of it and then, a lot of it is actually pay-per-click, right? So, we have a marketing company that goes to that and the first marketing company that we hired totally host us just even on the website and I used to design websites and develop websites.

I did that for 15 plus I have a digital media degree and like we said, we interviewed about 20 different companies and when we thought we had one, that was great. It was 60 employees, huge company. It took them four months to literally build one page and a couple proofs to the website which is unbelievable. Yeah, unbelievable. Right and they dropped the ball. They were supposed to be.

Templates out there. Yeah. Exactly. You go buy a ticket for like. Yeah. 300 bucks. Well. I could’ve done it myself in a week. It was crazy. Well, the gentleman that we spoke to who was the closer, he was, he was very. Well, that’s what happened. The sales person. He was ad agency is phenomenal, right? They got the best sales people. Yes, man. Yes. Well, they’re the best.

But sort of going back, like, so, so the answer is, not only is it 400, 000 to build out this office. Yeah, that’s not even operational. Yeah, minimum. We haven’t even gotten into your marketing expense. Marketing and yeah. Marketing and monthly operations. Yeah. As well as inventory. Like how many patients did you have the first week? Do you remember? Zero. No, no, but that’s not true.

I think we had one or two. Yeah. We had the one that I sent in and then maybe one other one, yeah. That’s true. I feel like the part of the story. It’s guy. But what do we see now? I think I looked at the the last list I looked at a couple weeks ago. We’ve already seen 175 plus patients in the last couple of months and some of them have been in multiple times.

Some have been in three, four, five, six times. So. It’s it’s a scary problem. So what is your biggest customer acquisition tool? Is it digital media or is it the retail space? Because that’s a battle that typical retail companies are struggling. Good question. We get almost no walk ins. Even though we’re in a fantastic plaza with a lot of traffic. There’s very few but they probably drive by you every day.

See the name Google you and call you. Correct. Some. Even Some. We we’ve had a couple. We’ve had a couple but overwhelmingly right now, the majority of the new business, if it’s not from our personal referrals, it’s probably pay-per-click. Would you say sorry for hijacking this part, Jason? And some SEO. Brett, would you say that there’s at least some it’s a word I’m looking for.

There’s some comfort in knowing that your spot is in retail. So, when they come to you for the first time, like you were describing your first office. Um. Right. Where there’s water coming underneath. Yeah. There were rats. We lost.

We didn’t have rats. But but people tell other people that like, hey, we’re not coming back there. We don’t like it. It’s not clean. Right and so, when they come to your current place which is in a nice retail location and obviously built out really nice, there is some comfort there. He did a really good job. He designed all place. It is beautiful. It’s gorgeous and people walk in and they compliment it.

Yeah and those are things are just always hard to quantify as I guess my point. Like, you really never know what the true return on investment is on that stuff. Yeah, I was very apprehensive about the I guess the fund he was putting into the build out and why everything was so expensive. Even though we had a GC that was like best friends that was doing everything for us. Uh but now when you look at the the finished picture it it is comforting and every single person that walks in is like oh my god this place is amazing.

It is nice to have the retail location especially where we’re at because we’re right on the turnpike right there and it’s a very busy plaza. So it’s one of the most heavily trafficked plazas in South Florida. So anytime you tell somebody if they ask where you’re at we just say hey we’re with Greenwise and HomeGoods. Everybody knows where it is don’t have to explain it. Um so it it is convenient and and it definitely is helpful.

Cuz I yeah I’ve been in those places where like, oh, you gotta turn here and then behind that building and then pulling the back and. And I think there’s some subconscious feel to the consumer or the patient, whatever. Um, about like, well, how legit is this place? 100%. It is, yeah. 100%. Uh, you know, first impressions, right? Yeah, absolutely. And I think a lot of them were subconscious as my point. Definitely.

we’re going to take a quick commercial break here from one of our sponsors. We jump back. We’re going to jump into our hot or not segment of the show.

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Hey, everybody. Welcome back to the Shrimp as reminder. Catch this entire episode if you’re listening on audio, Ashram Tank Boca on Facebook Live to check out the Doctors in the Shrimp Tank of course. So, guys, on this segment of the show, it’s called Hot or Not. We’re going to ask you a question and go in detail why it’s hot or not based on your your experience and your industry, okay? So, right now, we’re seeing a big change with with brands like Victoria’s Secret, right? I get the brochure and the Angels aren’t on the cover anymore, right? Now, you know, there there Trying, you know, to, you know, they’re trying to really, you know, put different people, you know, different, different, you know, body styles on the cover, you know, to.

Mm hmm. To say that, hey, you know, you know, looking like this is okay but you looking at that saying, that’s not okay, right? Like, no, that you’re like, that’s not healthy. You know, your BMI is way too high. So, high or not, what you see brands like Victoria’s Secret doing? Nah. So, tell us why.

Um I I Think to Yeah, I mean, I want to echo what you had just said. I think it’s it it’s hot for the average American because like I said, 70% of Americans are overweight but you know, I I I don’t think that BMI is healthy. Um so, I would say not. Target’s doing it as well and it’s just, it to me, it’s. There there’s a level to it. It’s gone too far. Yeah. Well, that’s part of the problem. I mean, I don’t think all the models need to look like they’re starving and I don’t think we should be having young girls attain that but if you’re putting people are obese or overweight and that is the average American, that’s not what we should be going for.

So, there needs to be a healthy medium.

I I completely agree in that, you know, not just for that world but all all industries, even business, right? When, you know, or just gotten too soft on certain subjects, I feel like, and we’ve gone away from the main thing, which is living a, in a, in your field, a healthy lifestyle, and, and eating, you know, balance. Balance. Moderation. You know, and so I’m with you. I, I think it’s crazy what some of these brands are doing out there.

I think the only hotter hot question I have is for men who struggle losing weight and have like a double chin. Do you recommend that they grow a beard? Like do you feel like that hides it well? Are you are you personally talking about this guy? So it’s been a theory of mine. I’ve never heard a doctor actually recommend it but I I believe it’s true. I don’t know if you need a medical degree to validate that though.

I don’t I you know I grow the beer but I don’t have the chin yet. Uh hopefully never. So I’m not sure No doubt. I think hot. Yes for sure. Uh the the beard can definitely conceal a double chain. Yeah. Doctor. And my wife will not let me shave. Yeah. Full disclaimer. Sir, I’m not good at the hotter notes. I’m the only one without a beer in the room over here.

I I’m. Boo. Jason, that’s the I have to go. Next episode. Next episode. Uh let’s talk about hormone therapy. We haven’t touched on that subject much. Hot or not? Very hot. Yes, hot for sure. Why? I I see all these med spas, all their brochures. That’s almost what they’re leading on, right? So, explain, you know, what what that really meant means is for more for our females, more for males, both both for sure.

Uh hormones are the metabolic drivers of your body. Uh many times, you’re not going to be able to reach your goals without optimizing your hormones. As you age, your hormone levels decline. Um therefore optimizing them at a safe level is beneficial for for people. And part of it, part of it is aging, part of it is all these environmental toxins in our food, air, water, part of it is the stress levels that we’re going through.

And part of it’s the inactivity, right? We’re not out there working in the fields anymore.

Right? So sitting all day, your hormones are not functioning properly.

And explain the process. Like what is hormone therapy really mean? Like the the person says, okay, what do I hooked up machine, you know, you know, what what what is happening? Like, everyone keeps saying, chemotherapy that noone explains it ever. Yeah, okay. So, I mean, it’s it depends, right? It depends if you’re a male or a female. If you’re a male, we’re focusing on testosterone. Um if you’re a female, we’re focusing on other key hormones, testosterone as well, although that’s off label FDA use and mostly estradiol and progesterone.

We use bioidentical hormones. Uh meaning they’re identical to the actual hormones in your body. So, they’re safer? Yeah, they’re safer and hormones come into in different flavors and different forms. So, you can either, you know, you can, for example, testosterone. You can replace it via oral transdermal with a patch, a cream, and intramuscular injections and and one of the methods I love is pellets. Uh it’s the size of a grain of rice and it’s inserted right under the skin superficially.

So, that’s that’s. And then the pellet lasts a few months, right? Three to 4 months, correct? that’s kind of hormone replacement in a nutshell for that’s testosterone like I said for women we focus on estradiol which is estrogen. Um your levels decrease substantially after during menopause and after menopause and also progesterone. So, in those come in different forms as well. So, definitely high because energy, chronic fatigue is one of the main things you had mentioned earlier, right? Uh with women, you got everything from the night sweats, men and and brain fog, right? Mental clarity is a big thing.

So, the hormones are usually beneficial for these kinds of things and you want to make sure you’re using bioidentical hormones because they’re a lot safer. Yeah. So, a lot of a lot of men going to start slipping these in their wives cocktails? Well, yeah. So, it has a it has a big improvement on Yeah. So, libido, libido, yes. Men and women. That that’s funny that you say that because my parents for the longest time that I can remember have been sleeping in separate rooms.

Too much information. Um and I both of their I replaced hormones for my father and for my mother and now it’s I have a new little brother. It’s quite different. Yeah.

Um you know, they’re going on dates again. Uh my mom, the other day, I was FaceTiming with her and she thinks she’s like, I think you give your dad a little too much testosterone. It’s hard to keep up. So. Oh. Um so, what, you know, when I did training a while back, they always said, if you’re going to replace someone’s testosterone, make sure you’re replacing their spouses because they’ll come knocking on your doors.


Oh, that’s a big a good if one person does it, they’re in trouble. Right. For sure. Just the male does it? Like. Yeah. Yeah. We’re going to have problems that the other one doesn’t have you know, a sex drive like that. So, let me ask you a question. So, I I’m in like I sell neckwear, okay? But we also make underwear but not a lot of people buy it.

I happen to think our underwear is phenomenal, okay? So, my question is, you do a lot of different products. Um I’m looking at functional medicine, acupuncture. We really focus on like weight loss hormone therapy. What’s the one thing that you guys do really well but for some reason, have yet part of your business hasn’t taken off. Let let me chime in that. I would say the aesthetic side.

Um it is super competitive Um everyone has there are there’s an abundance of aesthetic practices out there. What is aesthetic? Uh so like, you know, focusing on Botox, fillers, microneedling with PRP. Yeah, lasers, skin resurfacing with machines. Yeah. Um. Pigmentation, spider veins. We do all that. Yeah. You you could you see it everywhere and because it’s so competitive, the prices have really been diluted. Uh the quality has been diluted and everyone always has, you know, I I have a girl.

I have, you know, someone I go to and it’s it’s it’s tough and with that being said, also the inventory, the overhead on that is is substantial. It’s it’s pretty priceless. Big investment to get into that. Yeah. So, that part of our business. It’s busy but we’d like to see it grow faster. But it’s something that you guys do really well. That’s what I’m saying. 00%.

Sort of like the the secret that nobody yet knows about. Correct. Correct. It’s just it’s it’s very competitive and from the ground up, it’s it’s probably the the hardest service to build. It’s one of the things that makes our practice unique because we do real medicine. It’s not just a med spa. I mean, we have actual doctors in there. We’re taking care of like I said, chronic diseases, autoimmune stuff, real health issues, hormones but then, we also have this component where we have some very high-tech equipment and and very high-end services that do that kind of stuff specifically for fine lines and wrinkles, you know, texture, the face, acne scarring, all that kind of stuff.

So, what makes your service better? Cuz I think of it as a commoditized service. Like what what what what are you guys actually doing? Okay, you’re both doctors but there must be something different that you that sets you apart from everyone else.

myself and my brother, I could speak of us too and as well as our physician assistant who handles the aesthetic side. Um I think the quality of the care and how much time we spend with the patients. Yeah, it’s not just a factory and our and our passion to actually help people and not just charge people. Um I had a patient yesterday come from the she was actually a patient of Jonathan’s first for acupuncture and functional medicine.

She was going to a clinic for hormone optimization, peptide therapy, and weight loss in Fort Lauderdale and she was prescribed a bunch of medications three weeks ago, charged $1500 with no explanation and she came to us yesterday and I took an hour, free consultation, an hour just to spend with her and go over her goals and her regimen and she was, you know, impressed and you know, spending time with patients and not just, you know, squeezing a patient in everything.

So, we talked about earlier.

15 minutes and giving them that quality care and really coming up with a comprehensive individualized plan is, in my eyes, the most important thing when opening up a medical clinic and and and then on top of that, just the passion, my brother, he’s he trained in China. He goes, he he he just continuously learning and and and and mastering your craft and that’s pretty much what we pride ourselves.

Answer that on top of it. A lot of these places you go to and they don’t have doctors you’re going to see an MP and it’s not even a doctor that owns a place. It’s just a business guy that’s like, oh, I heard this is a great business and it’s all, right, bottom line, bottom line, bottom line, not patient care which is kind of what we’ve been trying to avoid.

That’s what he’s dealt with at the hospital and where that complete opposite of that. We want everybody to feel like it’s family and everybody to feel like they had their time to be heard and their goals are being addressed to, you know, all their concerns. Is that the big part of your marketing message? Yes, definitely. We’re We’re not Correct. Yeah. Business people.

Absolutely. That actually. Yeah. Cuz kind of a nice business message. Yeah, you see a lot of these places that are franchises and they create a template, right? And you buy into that and. Very quickly. You hire people to execute it and you know. Nobody’s invested. If I’m having someone place a hormone pellet in in me or having them prescribe me a medication that you know could potentially be harmful.

Um you know, I want that person to be educated and trained and and a good background in that and that’s what I think distinguishes us and and there’s other practices like that but the majority of places that you see are places that are just staffed for people to execute, you know, and and they’re not seeing, you know, there’s medical directors on the periphery and they’re just looking at charts but not actually speaking to the patient.

They might never even step foot in the facility. The medical director might not. Yeah. Mayor may not even be a real person to some extent. Yeah and there’s a general rule of thumb you’re going through through through medicine and you’re learning medicine in in medical school is 80% of your diagnosis comes through history and if you’re not in front of that person and taking the time to speak to them, you’re not going to capture that history.

I mean, ultimately, you’re not going to help them out as efficiently as someone that that. So, quality. Yeah. And and what’s the age group that you typically see you know, coming in the most. Is it the 30 to 40, the forty, fifty, 50 to 60, seventy, 80? It it range depending on the condition. I mean, you know, with the acupuncture and the functional stuff, we’ll do even pediatrics but the average age group is probably late 30s to 50s and 60s.

It’s it’s pretty wide range because like some of the aesthetic stuff and the hormones is going to be more women 50s and 60s. Sure. Um and then with some of the other things, you know, 30s, 40s. So, I’d say probably yeah, late 30s to early 50s is the most of the patients. Awesome. We’re going to take a quick commercial break here for one of our sponsor when you get back.

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Hey, everybody. Welcome back to the shrimp tank. As a reminder, catch all these episodes on our website, Shrimp Tank Podcast. com. Check out photos of every single episode. Of course, reach out to all of our past guests. They’re all on Instagram and LinkedIn and whenever they get a message that says, hey, I heard your episode on the shrimp tank. You know, we see pretty much 99% of the time, they will be willing to help that if their individual out. So, if you’re starting a business, ask for help, the best way, you know, to get where you’re going.

Of course, is from other people that have been there. So, guys, on this segment show, it’s called Plead the Fifth. You can only plead the fifth one time. If you plead the fifth two times, Greg over there gets free sessions for a month on anything he he requests. Is that a deal? Is that a deal? Deal. Okay, they they said deal, Greg. We gotta get em. Awesome. Okay. So, Jonathan, I’ll start with you. What is the biggest pet peeve of working with your brother? Uh It’s a good question.

You know, I I think we work well together. Uh I think the at the beginning, like I said, I think the he wanted to have this specific look for for Boca and the aesthetic look and I think the it seemed like that what we were spending almost didn’t seem justifiable or returnable as far as the initial investment and some of the overhead on employees and what we’re paying some people and they, you know, they more I guess mostly financial aspects.

Okay. Right? Stuff like that. Probably the fifth. Yeah well that wasn’t too harsh. I’ll let you get them back. What’s the the biggest pet peeve about John? 100% pleading the fifth on this one. Oh. There we go. Oh. Yeah I’m probably yeah I’m annoying. Okay we got one Greg. You’re up. Your your turn again. Have you ever had an anti-aging patient walk in with the collagen lips and the filler. I mean this is Boca sorry. Uh the the filler, the Botox, everything.

Look at her or him.

we know it’s her and say, sorry you’ve had enough. We’re, you don’t need anymore. Please leave.

It’s a good one. You know, no, we have not. Um you do encounter those patients. Uh we try to accentuate people’s natural beauty. Um however, sometimes people are a bit excessive but we have not turned them away our physician assistant has worked with them to facilitate their goals. Um however that’s not the look Yeah, we try to discourage that. Yeah. So, the the answer is no.

We we haven’t turned them away. Right. But but it it it does you do encounter that a lot in the aesthetic space. Yeah. So, have you ever seen a spouse complain to you that you gave their husband too much testosterone and their they just won’t won’t shut up about asking for something, right? not complain. Uh typically, it’s a good thing and then, we optimize their hormone levels as well.

Okay, I’m sure it will come in the future. Right. Yeah. What did you do? Definitely. We won’t stop. Next on my door every hour.

Greg, you got one to get, get him to plead the football. Well, I guess kind of along those lines, he ever, anyone ever walk in and like you’re like, you just, you look at them and you’re like, we can’t do what you want us to do. They have sort of unrealistic expectations on how pretty you’re going to make them and you have to turn them away.

Yes. I think so. And sometimes you just you get the feeling they’re going to be more trouble than it is was worth and if they if it’s unrealistic and they’re not and if you’re trying to explain something and they’re not listening and they keep repeating the same thing over and over like you know that could turn into something you don’t want to deal with. Yeah we have we have expensive machines resurfacing machines that help skin tightening and remodeling at times you know people will come in with those unrealistic expectations and we say sorry. Um this machine can only do so much. You need to see a plastic surgeon. Right. So.

They want plastic surgery results. Right. With all natural treatment So, yeah.

Okay, they’re an open book over here but I I think I got one from earlier in the episode. Early, you mentioned you you wasted a lot of money building a website, hired the wrong companies. What was the name of that company? I was going to ask the same thing. Clear the fifth. Okay, we got each of them. Greg, play the fifth. We’re so close. We just gotta get one of them and say, play the fifth again and you get free service or a month.

That’s a good one. That’s a disaster.

Something around the house. As a business owner, I I don’t want to put somebody else on blast like that but. I think something around their mother and father we get along. We were outsourced. There was a lot, there was a lot of talk on that conversation.

I know. Oh, I don’t want to go there but I I will say one thing real quick. I’m part of a group that of of Ecommerce owners like over a thousand of us. We all share sort of share stories and one of the things we do is we share good and bad stories of agencies that we’ve worked with and just know that there are it’s a big powerful group and just know that whoever screwed you over very well could be in that type of group has listed and I guess the point is hopefully they’ll get theirs.

Um so, hopefully, they’ll. Uh I’m sure. I mean, they lost an account that was going to be paying them a lot on a monthly basis and they couldn’t even complete the most basic single thing. So, that they, I mean, they lost a whole, you know, contract. They could’ve gone on for years. Well, it’s nice of you to not say their name because there are a lot of people who would share their name. I would be one of them. Um because they screwed you and you’ve done nothing wrong by sharing their name but you don’t have to.

What’s the the worst piece of advice from a mentor you received while going through this process? I know you talked to a lot of people about building out, you know, this spot, right? And someone sticks out that like they told you that led you wrong direction and you know, I was messed up.

No. You want to answer that or? No, I want you to answer it. Yeah, I think yeah, I I’ve spoken to couple individuals in the past and you know, they had mentioned that just pretty much what we touched on it earlier with social media. It’s been a lot of marketing dollars on social media and the business will you know, come and flow in and just open the doors and it’s that easy. Uh it’s opening a business and starting from the ground up is not easy and I have not found that social media is that advantageous or that it’s not that quick to really jump you off. Yeah. So, who was the mentor? Who was the mentor that said that by the way? What was their names? Wow.


Hopefully, the fifth and Greg is the winner.

Yeah. But I’m doing this for you, man. Oh. I’m doing this for you. I’m so grateful. Uh yeah. Um. Uh let me let me ask you a question I do want to ask a question about social media. You guys all talked about it a little bit earlier which is your personal social media. So, for those who don’t know, the algorithms of Facebook and and Instagram and really all of them when you set up a business account, they purposely limit your exposure to people who follow you and everyone else because they want you to.

It’s about one or 2%. That’s correct. I I’ve heard a little higher but generally speaking that is correct. Meaning that if 10000 people follow you and you post something, a 00 of your followers see it which seems absurd but that’s the case. Okay. So, we the way to get around that a little bit is to put it on your personal page because they treat the algorithm treats you differently when you’re just a person.

They figure you’re not selling something. However, there is a delicate balance of I friended you on Facebook because we’re friends, right? With the high school together, we drink beer together and now, you’re inundating me every day with your business life. And he just started and he’s guilty of that now. Okay. Well, see, like, I have, I have real estate broker friends and they they do it constantly, right? So, like It’s annoying.

It’s a great strategy but to to put on your personal. However, you gotta sprinkle it in. That’s right. You gotta sprinkle it in. So, I I I guess I’m not so much a question as I am preaching that if you’re going to be one of these people, you have to. Yes, me.

have to put your, yeah, listen up. I’m just kidding. No, you have to. You know. Thank you, Greg. Take a picture of your little kid on Tuesday and Thursday, you could talk about anti aging. On Saturday, we’ll see what kind of a cappuccino with a leaf in it and then on Sunday, you can talk about spiritual wellness. Right. If you’re spamming all your personal they’re not going to want to look at your **** You know, they’re going to.

And they won’t be rooting for you too because I will tell you this, friends of yours who are friends first are definitely rooting you for you in the beginning. But when you, your personal becomes completely business, they stop rooting for you. Yeah. Um, I don’t know why. We’re terrible people but that’s what happens. So, I’m, I’m sorry to lecture, but, but it also is. It’s true, that’s a good point.

Very good point, and that’s great advice for people listening. A lot of first-time business owners just like they switch, you know, verticals. Right. And, and all of a sudden, they’re posting on out of the blue and it’s all solicitation and that’s what it comes down to. They’re not leading with something of value. There’s like, buy my services, buy this. Also, that. Everyone else is like, you know, we’re not going to switch overnight and just start, you know, buying everything you have and I think that’s where the disconnect comes where eventually they learn how to market properly which is lead with value like write up passage about a story that came into to this riot and you are so, you know, you want to get that story out to the world because others can be impacted not by, you know Her moves.

Great point. Therapy. Treatment. It should actually be there. What I do is I I post a lot of testimonials. Yup. So, people see that and they’re like, I have that same problem and they help that person. Maybe they can help me. You know, but once again, I I make sure to post my family stuff, my friends stuff. It’s still social media. It’s not just spam media.

But even LinkedIn, I think you have to be careful on how much you you sell also. I think LinkedIn, there’s a proper mix of sharing an interesting article, sharing a perspective, sharing maybe appearance on a podcast and then pushing your company. And just keep continuing to alternate it. Because all of this this personal social media thing is not a quick as you guys know it’s not a quick sale.

That’s the I think it’s the better path to getting the sale eventually than just to keep talking about your own company. Again LinkedIn is business so it’s sort of more acceptable than Facebook. But even there I think people sort of if all you do is post about your you know your business success or your sale or whatever. They they start to tune you out. And the more they tune you by the way than the LinkedIn algorithm starts to realize that no one’s interested in your post.

Right. It’s limited exposure. I completely agree. Well, guys, thanks for joining us here on the Shrimp Tank. Pleasure. It’s fun. For everyone listening, can you once again say the locations if they want to come visit? Also, what’s the best routes to go right to the website? They want to reach out with you guys. Best place, Instagram, LinkedIn. So, yeah. Uh Instagram and Facebook is probably the best places to find us at or the website which is CR8 Health.

com or.

at CR 8 Health. And that’s the number eight.

Correct. Is it pronounced Crate or Create? Create. Like we’re creating health. And and we get a lot of people asking that. It’s actually a topic of conversation which is one of the reasons. Yeah actually I I I that should have been my answer. I thought we should added an E in there and he disagreed. I didn’t. And there’s companies that do both. If you look at other examples or some people add these, some people don’t. Uh but it it’s fun because it’s a talking point. It gets people asking questions. What is CRA? And are like kind response 8 no.


Well, thanks again for joining us here on the Shrimp Tank today. For everyone listening, we’ll be back next Wednesday at 10 AM. Take care. Okay, thank you so much, guys. Thank you.

Welcome to the chase a big dreams. Yeah, it’s all real. This life’s all that it seems. All the chicks scream.